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The Racine County Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is committed to serving the citizens of Racine County in assisting with the establishment of paternity and the collection of child support in an efficient, positive manner. For these participants, it is our goal to provide the best customer service, information sharing and partnership building with the resources we have available. We strive to resolve child support and paternity issues while preserving the family structure by emphasizing communication and cooperation between the parties. We provide services to custodial parents, non-custodial parents, and most importantly, the children of our community. We represent the State of Wisconsin and the public interest on behalf of our children who need love and child support.

The OCSE is here to serve the parents and children of Racine County through a cooperative partnership of understanding, compassion and support.

The services offered by the OCSE are financially directed and include assisting in the establishment of paternity, and monitoring child support collections in a reasonable and efficient manner.

Not all aspects of child support activity is processed through the Child Support Program. Federal regulations for child support require that for individuals to be eligible for child support services, the children have either had, or currently are receiving some form of public aid including W-2 and Medical Assistance. Child support cases where children are currently in foster/substitute care also qualify for child support services. If you do not qualify in one of the above categories, the OCSE will charge a $35.00 fee to process any wage assignment for all new or newly modified Non IV-D support orders. The fee shall be remitted to the OCSE at the time the order is submitted for processing, and no service will be provided until the processing fee has been paid. In the alternative, you may elect to submit an application for IV-D services free of charge. This alternative would serve as a waiver to all future fees due on future wage assignment processing, and provide complete IV-D services to the applicant.

The OCSE currently has in excess of 17,000-IV-D child support cases. It is our goal to provide the best customer service possible. The staff will make every effort to insure all services available to you are delivered promptly and with clear and concise information and direction.

The success of our child support services are dependent on the cooperation we receive from everyone involved in your case. Accurate and reliable information is vital to process your child support service needs effectively.

We encourage you to contact us with concerns. You may reach our general information number by calling (262) 636-3268, or you may send an e-mail to RCChildSupport@goRacine.org.

The following are web links that you may find useful in soliciting additional information on issues of child support.

The following are organizations and phone numbers relating to services available to you regarding child support and other services in the community.

  • Please click here to view the  Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund Site
  • Racine Child Support, (262) 636-3268
  • Please click here to view the Racine County Paternity Resource Handbook. (PDF) 318KB
    Racine County Family Court Commissioner, 636-3181
  • Please click here to view the Racine County Family Court Resource Handbook. (PDF) 192KB
  • KIDS information line:

    Milwaukee (414) 615-2400
    All others, 800-991-5530
    TDD 877-209-5209
  • Wisconsin Trust Fund, (WI-SCTF)- for payment information

    P.O. Box 74200
    Milwaukee, WI. 53274-0200
  • Racine County Service Center, Workforce Development employment services and benefit services, 638-6312.
  • Racine County Human Services, Children and Family Services, 638-6353.

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