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Pursuant to Section 59.69 Wisconsin Statutes, the Racine County Planning and Development Department performs land use planning, zoning, and sanitation functions for Racine County. Staff is involved in both short-range activities, such as analyzing rezoning requests and conditional use and variance petitions, and long-range planning activities, such as working with townships concerning 2035 Land Use Plans and land use development. Staff also provides services to various townships concerning land use issues, including reviewing proposed land divisions.

The Department's functions include issuing zoning and sanitary permits and reviewing and processing rezoning, conditional use, and variance applications for projects in municipalities that are under the jurisdiction of the Racine County Zoning Ordinance. These municipalities include the Townships of Burlington, Dover, Norway, Raymond, Waterford, and Yorkville. The Department also provides planning and zoning services to the Village of Caledonia. Rezoning requests are reviewed for consistency with the public interest, and conditional use requests are reviewed for compatibility with the area in which the land is located.

In addition, staff analyzes proposed subdivisions to ensure that they are consistent with sound planning principles and with the Racine County Land Division Ordinance. The Department evaluates and monitors the Racine County Zoning Ordinance and subdivision regulations to keep them current with changing technologies, lifestyles, and State and Federal statutes and regulations. The Department is also involved in protecting and preserving Racine County's environment through the administration of shoreland, wetland, and floodplain regulations and by balancing economic development with environmental protection.

The goal of the Planning and Development Department (which includes the Planning Office, Code Administration Office, Land Conservation Office, and Land Information Office) is to perform assigned functions in a manner that promotes the health, safety, morals, prosperity, aesthetics, and general welfare of Racine County. Staff members work with applicants and local municipalities to respond to questions concerning congestion and safety; sanitation; public facilities and utilities; property value stabilization; appropriate land uses; natural resources conservation; implementation of the County's comprehensive plan and municipal, watershed, and regional comprehensive plans; and wise use, preservation, and promotion of the County's beauty

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