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The Real Property Lister Division maintains the real estate tax roll for all municipalities in Racine County except the City of Racine. This department also prepares and maintains property division maps for all municipalities including the City of Racine. 

The staff maintains the real estate property tax roll on the AS/400  by the use of documents recorded with the Register of Deeds and assessments made by the local assessors. The staff adds special assessments and charges, mill rates and assessment ratios to the tax system. The extension of values is sent to the municipalities for approval before the property tax bills are printed. All assessment rolls, tax rolls, bill forms and various other forms used by the local assessors, clerks and treasurers are ordered and distributed by this office.

The staff checks all transfer documents (except for property in the City of Racine) for correct parcel identification numbers and issue numbers for newly created parcels.

The department staff answers questions regarding land splits and provides queries as requested.   The department also sends monthly reports to the assessors regarding changes to the assessment roll.      

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